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Mobilize. MugIn MS5

MS5 is a complete solution for Route Accounting, for SFA (Sales Force Automation), for Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and for DSD (Direct Store Delivery). MS5 is compatible with AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Rugged devices based on Windows Mobile as well as with Android smartphones.

MS5 handles multiple roles and channels: Cash Sales Reps, Presellers, Wholesalers, Semi-wholesalers, Retailers, Supervisors and auditors, Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels, ...

MS5 comes in a monthly subscription in an on-demand SaaS model, or can come in a perpetual on-premise license with annual maintenance and support fee. Including a free version with unlimited features, that contains the backoffice and the mobile application for one server license and one mobile user license, and synchronisation tools, for a period of 2 months.

MS5 application supports English, French and Arabic languages. MS5 eases order keying, invoicing, and data entry, and more, for any Sales Force or Field Force.

MS5 - Mobile Route Accounting / Mobile Van Sales

MS5 Route accounting Software is a Multilingual Van Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution providing your sales representative and drivers with singular flexibility and enhancing productivity. This Solution supports all the Pre-Sales and Route-Sales operations, enabling distributors to better service their customers and manage the on field Sales fleet.

Route accounting and Distribution Management

Competitive companies have long known that an efficient mobilization of Fields sales forces and the fleet distribution is essential for their growth and success. MS5 Route Accounting is a solution that mobilizes information technology advantages to the very point of sales (POS), and enables distributors to better serve their customers while optimizing field Sales management.

Pre-Sales, in Route-Sales and Route-Delivery

Using a rugged PDA terminal or a rugged smartphone, MS5 Route accounting manages all the on-the-field activities, whether it’s a Pre-Sales, in Route-Sales and Route-Delivery Operations, as well as various valuable activities such as money collection from POS.

Field Visibility

MS5 Route Accounting PDA Module collects field activity data (customers / orders /returns ...) and reports back the information to the back office management, via sync with a Middleware server which eventfully is integrated with the information system of the company. It also facilitates the control of the work done by the agents in the field by offering managers the field visibility and flexibility to request, at any time, a report of all the daily agents’ operations.

Errors Validation Management

MS5 Route Accounting provides protection against the inevitable error inputs, which occur with manual written operations (orders, receipts, invoices, ...), or against loss of documents, or against bad written or unclear transcripts. All transactions are validated against business and logical rules (available products, stocks, prices, ...)


MS5 gathers various activities of the salesman on the field and inform him on his terminal or his rugged smartphone via a comprehensive report of the various performance ratios relating to him, therefore allowing him to adjust his pace of work.

Integration > Order Import > Open / Prepaid / Delivered

While importing orders you can specify the status for only the order status and invoice status. Combining the two statuses, you can import an order either to :

1) Create a new open order (ie : ready to be pulled by a deliveryman to be processed) 
2) Delete an existing order under conditions (the order should be existing and not served yet and the driver should be still IN)
3) Create a prepaid order
4) Create a delivered unpaid order (ie: usually to import a customer balance when migrating/integrating data from an ERP to MS5)

Integration with popular ERPs

We have placed a great deal of focus on details to accommodate integration requirements of our mobile sales solution with most popular back offices: Microsoft Navision, Sage, SAP, Oracle, MFG Pro. Also the system contains built-in tools to do fields-mapping and automatic import/export with any other ERP.

Customer Data Management

For a delivery company, a van sales model has proven useful. With our delivery apps and barcode apps for the drivers and for the sales force, running on mobiles or on smartphones, a better sales management can be put in place, along with credit management. Any client is identified, and his data managed (delivery notes, credit notes, stock, ...).